Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

The administrators at iQ Academy Minnesota (IQMN) are ready to share their innovation, expertise, and enthusiasm with your family. The leadership is dedicated to empowering our school community.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson | Assistant Principal

Mr. Johnson is an assistant principal for Fergus Falls Public Schools, responsible for IQMN since fall 2017. In his first year with IQMN, he was half-time administrator for grades 6–12 and taught middle school physical education. In the fall of 2018, Mr. Johnson became a full-time administrator for IQMN for grades K–12. Prior to IQMN, he was a high school principal and activities director for eight years for a district in northwest Minnesota. Mr. Johnson began his teaching career in the Fall of 2002 here in Fergus Falls where he taught elementary physical education, high school physical education, and middle school computers over a seven-year span. He earned his BA in physical education from Augustana College and his MA in educational leadership from Southwest Minnesota State University. Mr. Johnson obtained his administrative licensure from Tri-College University.

Theresa Gallagher

Theresa Gallagher | Operations and Program Manager

Ms. Gallagher joined IQMN in 2014 as an academic advisor. She is licensed as both a K–12 visual arts teacher and a K–12 school counselor. Ms. Gallagher earned her BA in studio arts and secondary education licensure at the University of Minnesota, Morris and an MA in counseling at the University of North Dakota. She likes being able to provide an education to students/families who may have had prior difficulties in more traditional educational models.

Cheryl Bormann

Cheryl Bormann | School Counselor (A–L)

Mrs. Bormann has bee a school counselor with IQMN since 2013. She has a BA in psychology from Concordia College–Moorhead, an MA in community mental health, and an MA in school counseling. Mrs. Bormann appreciates that online learning meets students where they are at. Some students need a setting with less distraction, have anxiety, or are not challenged enough in their previous setting, so she appreciates that IQMN can meet a wider variety of needs for our students.

Karla Cummings

Karla Cummings | School Counselor (M–Z)

Mrs. Cummings joined IQMN in 2018. She brings more than 16 years of experience in education. She earned her BA in elementary education and mathematics from Minnesota State University–Moorhead, an MS in education from Hamline University, and an MA in school counseling from the University of North Dakota. Mrs. Cummings feels that online learning gives students a great education without the distractions. She also feels that the organization and technology skills used in online learning prepare students well for college or post-high school coursework.

Angie Aziz

Angie Aziz | Community Engagement Specialist

Ms. Aziz has been at iQ Academy since its inception – in 2008 . She has worked with iQ Academy MN as a registrar, academic advisor, and now as a community engagement specialist . She loves that iQ Academy is there to help students in so many aspects . Her son is a senior at iQ Academy MN this year . Her favorite time of year is the end of the school year when teachers, staff, and students meet at the Mall of America. 

Amber Mueller | Advisor

Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach and dedicated to helping students fulfill their potential and discover the possibilities.

Mrs. Aadland | Speech Pathologist

Mrs. Aadland has been working for the special education cooperative since 2011. She has a master’s degree in speech pathology from the University of North Dakota. Mrs. Aadland enjoys online teaching and learning about new advances in technology.

Ms. Anderson

Mrs. Kessler | Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Kessler has worked with high school students for more than 15 years, and enjoys teaching in the online school environment best. She earned a Bachelor of Science in secondary social studies education and a Master of Science in special education from Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM). Mrs. Kessler believes online learning provides a flexible environment that fosters success for each student’s learning style.

Ms. Schreder – Art

Ms. Schreder currently teaches on our iQMN middle and high school teams. She grew up in Hutchinson, Minnesota, and earned her K-12 Art teaching degree from MSUM and a master’s degree from Concordia University in technology education. Ms. Schreder has 17 years of teaching experience, having worked with all levels of students both online and in brick-and-mortar settings. She believes online learning provides unique and flexible opportunities for students. Online learning can provide personal educational experiences, help foster more responsibility, and allow us to work toward studio habits of mind.

Mrs. Glebe | Health Education

Mrs. Glebe joined iQ in 2019. She teaches health education at the middle and high school levels . She holds a BS in health education from Minnesota State University –  Moorhead (MSUM) and is working on her MS in curriculum and instruction through MSUM . Mrs. Glebe loves to see her students grow and change throughout middle and high school . She strives to support every student as they navigate their online learning . It is an amazing option for students who need it, for students looking for more flexibility, or something different than the typical classroom. 

Mr. Bartholomay | Licensed School Psychologist

Mr. Bartholomay has been with IQMN for 10 years and has been employed with the Fergus Falls (MN) special education district since 1999. He earned his BS in psychology from North Dakota State University in 1992. He earned a master’s degree in school psychology in 1996 and a specialist degree in school psychology in 2000—both from Minnesota State University–Moorhead. He is also a certified non-violent crisis intervention instructor through CPI. Mr. Bartholomay appreciates the availability of quality educational services for online learners. Students who learn better in an alternative setting deserve the same care and quality of services as “brick-and-mortar” students. 

Mr. Boerhave

Mr. Boerhave | Science

 Mr. Boerhave has more than 15 years of experience in alternative science education. He earned bachelor’s degrees in both biology and life science education from Minnesota State University–Moorhead in 2009 and holds a Minnesota teaching license for science, grades 5–12. He is a former active-duty US Marine who served as a combat journalist during Operation Enduring Freedom. Mr. Boerhave enjoys sharing his innate passion for science with his students while providing a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is accepted and respected.

Ms. Bowlus | School Psychologist and Child Study Specialist

Ms. Bowlus has been a school psychologist since 2012. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Marquette University, and her education specialist degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This is her third year working within the remote setting and she appreciates being able to continue supporting students who benefit from an alternative learning environment.

Mrs. Buckmeier

Mrs. Buckmeier | 5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Buckmeier joined IQMN in 2012 and has taught all grades, including K–5 over the past six years. She holds her MA in education from the College of St. Scholastica and her BA in psychology from Concordia College, Moorhead. She also teaches enrichment programming within the Fergus Falls School District. Mrs. Buckmeier believes that online learning is a wonderful alternative for students and families. It allows students to learn at their level and pace, with additional support systems to encourage the home-to-school connection.

Mr. Dissell

Mr. Dissell | Math Teacher

Mr. Dissell loves his work and his students. He also enjoys taking saunas and going on long road trips. He believes you can get a great education from online learning. Like any education, it is about what you put into it.

Mrs. Ellingson

Mrs. Ellingson | Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Ellingson has worked with high school students for more than 30 years, spending the last 15 years working with students in the online school environment. She earned a BA in mathematics and secondary education from Jamestown College (now called the University of Jamestown). She obtained special education licensure in specific learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders from Minnesota State University– Moorhead. Mrs. Ellingson enjoys getting to know her students and their families on a more personal level than is possible in many traditional school settings.

Mrs. Jacobson

Mrs. Jacobson | Elementary Reading Specialist

Mrs. Jacobson joined IQMN in 2018. She brings 12 years of experience in elementary education. She earned a BS in elementary education from Bemidji State University, with an emphasis in communication arts and literature. Mrs. Jacobson feels that online learning gives students an opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own environment so they can have the best learning experience possible.

Mrs. Jyrkas

Mrs. Jyrkas | K & 1 Teacher

Mrs. J has taught kindergarten for 16 years. She has been with IQMN for the last two years. She graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BS in elementary education. Mrs. J loves that online learning allows students to take ownership of their learning. Learning Coaches get to structure content around their child’s unique learning styles and needs. She likes the opportunity to help students find success. She believes every student can learn. Mrs. J strives to help learning coaches and students establish routines and make learning FUN!

Mrs. McNallie

Mrs. McNallie | Middle School and High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Mrs. McNallie has been with IQMN since 2009. She brings a vast array of life experience with her in addition to teaching both online and in the traditional classroom settings. She earned a BS in family and consumer education from UW–STOUT, an ME in teaching and learning, an MA in literacy education, and a K–12 reading license from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Mrs. McNallie loves the way online classrooms allow her to get to know and form relationships with her students.

Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Miller | Middle School Math Teacher and 2nd Grade

Mrs. Miller is in her seventh year teaching middle school math at iQMN and her first year teaching 2nd grade. She has been at iQMN since the fall of 2015 and previously worked in the office and as a 5th grade teacher. She has more than ten years’ of experience teaching middle school math. She received her bachelor’s in education with a minor in mathematics from St. Cloud State University and currently holds a K–8 teaching license with a middle school math emphasis. Mrs. Miller also has experience teaching reading interventions and working with the Title One Program before to working at iQMN. She believes online learning is an excellent option for motivated students to work at their own teacher-guided pace with limited distractions. It’s also a great opportunity for students who need a flexible schedule.

Mariah Minkkinen | Alg. II

Mrs. Ouren

Mrs. Ouren | Secondary English Teacher

Mrs. Ouren joined the IQMN team in 2018. She has taught for 20 years in the traditional school setting at Kennedy Secondary School in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. She earned a BS in English education from MSUM and a master’s degree from Southwest State University–Marshall. Mrs. Ouren likes being able to support students individually and spend more time helping them find success in a non-traditional classroom. She feels confident in the online learning environment when all stakeholders (teacher, student, parent, support staff, and administration) respect and support learning, setting goals, and striving to be the best one can be.

Kyle Owings | World History

Mrs. Ringquist

Mrs. Ringquist | 2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ringquist joined the IQMN team in 2018. She brings 28 years of experience teaching third grade and curriculum development. She was voted “Teacher of the Year” in her previous district. She earned a BA in K–6 elementary education from the University of Minnesota and an MA in curriculum and design from the University of St. Thomas. She has been involved in working on technology, reading, and math curriculum design. Mrs. Ringquist likes that online learning can be a great fit for those students who need a more personalized educational experience and for parents who want their child to school at home.

Ms. Rinke

Ms. Rinke | High School Language Arts Teacher

Mrs. Rinke has been with iQMN for 15 years. Before going full-time online, she was a teacher in the brick-and-mortar setting for 14 years. She holds a BA in English education from Concordia College in Moorhead and an MA in curriculum and instruction from the University of St. Thomas. One thing Mrs. Rinke loves about online learning is that the flexibility makes it possible for students in a wide variety of situations to thrive and find school to be a positive experience. Mrs. Rinke enjoys connecting with students in this alternative format, helping each find a route to academic success and self-confidence.

Mrs. Rittenour

Mrs. Rittenour | Health and Physical Education Teacher (Grades 6–12); High School Nutrition/Wellness Teacher

Mrs. Rittenour has been teaching for over 30 years—a third of that time in the online setting. She earned a BS degree in health education and coaching licensure from Southwest State University, a physical education degree from Moorhead State University, a Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) from St. Cloud State University, and an MA in curriculum instruction with an emphasis in physical education and recreation “how to play” from St. Thomas University. She has also held teaching certificates in Minnesota, Ohio, and South Dakota as well as additional certificates in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), CPR, First Aid, LGT, Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Horsemanship Safety Instructor (HSI), Firearm Safety Instructor (FSI), Snowmobile Safety Instructor (SSI), and many others. She believes online learning gives students an environment that works for their learning style. Success comes in many different environments.

Ms. Roos

Ms. Roos | Language Arts Instructor (Grades 5–12)

Ms. Roos currently teaches on our iQMN middle school team. She grew up on the Iron Range of Minnesota and earned her teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin–Superior. She has 30+ years of teaching experience, having worked with all levels of students from grade 6 to postsecondary. She has more than fifteen years of online teaching experience. As an online teacher, Ms. Roos strives to meet all her student’s needs and be readily available to answer questions and provide support. She believes online learning offers all the advantages of homeschooling with the added benefits of instruction from highly trained teachers and the support of a school community.

Ms. Rose

Ms. Rose | Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Rose is passionate about online instruction and earned her BA in education from Bemidji State University. This is her eleventh year teaching at iQMN. She started as an elementary teacher with iQ Academy MN and now teaches middle school social studies and 2nd grade. Ms. Rose feels online learning provides a unique opportunity for students to have a very personalized learning experience. Students have the flexibility to arrange their schedules in a manner that works best for them, often allowing them to work at their own pace, attend medical appointments as necessary, coordinate for part-time class attendance locally, and find time to develop their personal skills in areas of interest. It prepares them to take personal responsibility for their learning and develop essential time-management skills.

Ms. Skoe

Ms. Skoe | World Languages Teacher

Ms. Skoe began teaching at IQMN in 2010. She teaches German, Spanish, and a middle school class called World Languages and Cultures. She earned a BA in German studies from Colorado College and BAs in German and Spanish education from Bemidji State University. She has also studied in Germany and Argentina. With IQMN, students can learn a second (or third or fourth…) language no matter where they live in Minnesota. And barriers such as complicated schedules, medical conditions, or previous adverse experiences can be minimized.

Mrs. Sutor

Mrs. Sutor | Teacher

Mrs. Sutor teaches a variety of subjects at Kennedy Secondary School and IQMN (joined in 2015). She holds a master’s degree in education along with certifications to teach biology and French. She has been teaching middle school and high school for 33 years. Mrs. Sutor appreciates that online learning allows students to learn at their own pace, receiving personalized guidance along the way.

Mrs. Swedberg

Mrs. Swedberg | 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Swedberg joined the IQMN team in 2007. This is her 18th year in teaching. Before joining IQMN, she was a special education and elementary school teacher in Chisago and Alexandria, Minnesota. Mrs. Swedberg feels online learning gives students the opportunity to work with both teachers and a Learning Coach to receive a personal experience in education.

Mrs. Theisen

Mrs. Theisen | Business and Technology Teacher (Grades 6–12)

Mrs. Theisen joined IQMN in 2009. She brings more than 25 years of experience in the field of business and technology. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business computer information systems from St. Cloud State University. She worked for a software development company for 13 years and held several different positions there including technical support, software design, software testing, project management, and quality assurance manager. She then returned to school to make the switch to teaching. She went to The College of St. Scholastica for their graduate teaching program in elementary education and middle school communication arts and literature and Winona State University for business education. Mrs. Theisen now has teaching licenses in grades K–6, Communication Arts and Literature in grades 5–8, Keyboarding and Computer Apps in grades K–8, and Business Education CTE in grades 5–12. She taught three years at a brick-and-mortar school, and this is her 10th year teaching online.

Mr. Thorstad

Mr. Thorstad | Technology Coordinator

Mr. Thorstad started his teaching career as a first grade teacher, later teaching middle school computer fundamentals classes. For the past 10 years, he’s been a technology leader for IQMN. In 2007, he started the Virtual School of Minnesota, which later became iQ Academy Minnesota. Seeing kids and staff engaged and connected to other humans in this ever-shrinking world makes his day. He holds an elementary education degree from Minnesota State University–Moorhead and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of St. Thomas. Mr. Thorstad was named 2017 Special Olympics Minnesota Volunteer of the Year and Fergus Falls Public Schools Support Staff of the Year in 2016. He feels that online learning can remove barriers present in traditional classrooms that impede the learning for some students.

Janel Trosvig | Music Teacher

Maren Wright | Special Education Teacher (Grades K–12)

Allison Wyatt – High School Science Teacher

Chelsey McGinnis – Registrar

Ms. Daly – Speech Pathologist

Mr Bare – Physical Education

Ms. Busch – Art

Mr. Stueber – Work Based Learning

Mrs. Wulfekuhle – Elementary Math Specialist

Mrs. Jacobson – Elementary Reading Specialist

Mrs. King – Special Education